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Employer Sponsored Plans

Your employer made an important choice by giving you and your family access to Premier Health Plan.

Premier Health and Premier Health Plan work together to help you live a healthy life. Your care and health insurance are under one umbrella, creating a simpler health care experience for you.

Chances are, one of our doctors or health care professionals has cared for you or someone you love. Our Premier Health Plan is led by doctors¬ who put your health and wellness first. We do more than just treat you when you are sick. We use our knowledge and training to keep you from getting ill in the first place.

Premier Health Plan allows physicians, your health plan and you to work together in real time. Access to timely information, through our advanced medical records system, gives your health care team a full picture of your health. This helps your physician work with you to identify and address your health needs early, before they progress.

Premier Health Plan respect your valuable time. Making information accessible across the system helps ensure you and your family get the care, services and support you need without duplication.

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