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Value-Based Healthcare

Premier Health Group continues to find innovative, cost-effective ways to serve patients so they can live their healthiest lives. Our focus is on creating a strategy that focuses not only on volume, but value-based care as well. As our communities grow and live longer, we are finding new and better ways to deliver quality, preventative care by creating a healthcare system that focuses on a volume-based and value-based care models. 

Healthcare costs in the United States are greater than every other comparable nation, with no higher life expectancy. We are spending more money and seeing disproportionate outcomes, and this is why a healthcare system that is only focused on a volume-based model is not serving patients in the way that is intended. Value-based care allows us to focus on wellness and prevent chronic illnesses that affect our patients' quality of life and drive up cost.

You can learn more about value vs. volume care by watching this video that summarizes more effective ways to deliver patient care. By transitioning to value-based models, together we can build healthier communities, one patient at a time.