Provider Partnerships

Support for Healthy Living

Healthy Living in contentPremier Health Plan presents Support for Healthy Living, our care programs to help patients live their best, healthiest life. Members and providers will begin to see this graphic displayed on communications that are a part of our clinical programs outlined below.

We strongly support our providers’ outstanding efforts in patient care. That’s why we created our clinical programs, to match patients with caring providers so they get well and stay well.

Clinical Programs

We offer six programs for Premier Health Plan members. Our goal is to help patients improve their health and address the specifics of their care. Most of these programs are available to eligible members of Premier Health Plan.

  • Complex Care Program - A care team of local providers gives added care for those who have one or more serious illnesses. The care advisor, a registered nurse, works with patients and providers throughout the care plan to meet the patient’s goals.  
  • Transition Care Program – A care team helps the patient make a safe move from the hospital back home. This program helps lower the chance that the patient will go back to the hospital. Care may include home visits and follow-up appointments. For added needs, the care team may recommend the patient be enrolled in the Complex Care Program.
  • Condition Care Program – This program offers education to those with serious conditions. This helps the patient learn things that they can do to manage their condition. Programs include:
    • Asthma
    • Diabetes
    • Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)
    • Heart Failure
    • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Emergent Care Program - The care advisor and providers look after patient needs so they don’t make unnecessary trips to the ER.
  • Catastrophic Care Program - This program supports patients and caregivers with a life-changing health condition.
  • Advanced Illness Care Program – This program is for members who have a serious illness or end of life needs. A care advisor works as a go-between for the patient and providers. The care advisor gives added support and comfort and assists with treatment plans and care choices. Offered to Medicare members only.

Meet our Care Advisors.  They work one-on-one with the members to help them achieve their health goals. Care Advisors assist with scheduling appointments for the members, answering questions about their medication and help them locate community resources.


If you would like to recommend a patient be considered for one of the above programs or have questions about the Care Advising program, please call (937) 499-7441(937) 499-7441.