Electronic Prior Authorizations Submissions

We are excited to announce that we are continuing to streamline processes to make workflows easier. No longer will paper faxes or phone be the only method for submitting Prior Authorization (PA) requests. You will now be able to electronically submit PA requests.

Submitting the request electronically, you will be able to:

  • View the status of an authorization request at any time
  • Edit an existing authorization request prior to decision 

To submit a PA electronically, you need to have a Provider Portal account to access Identifi Practice. Identifi Practice is a web-based point of care decision support tool that enables you to submit PAs electronically. The web link to access Identifi is located on the homepage of the Provider Portal on the left-hand side.

Do you already have a Provider Portal account?

  • If you answered yes, and want access to submitting PAs electronically, please send an email to with the following information:
    • User first name
    • User last name
    • Email address used to create the Provider Portal account
    • User name and phone number used for the Provider Portal account
    • NPI(s) you need access too
  • If you answered no, then register and create a user ID for the Provider Portal. Once you complete the registration process please allow two weeks before you receive your user ID to login to the portal. The portal can be accessed here. Once you receive your login information for the portal, you need to email requesting access to submit electronic PAs. Be sure to include the needed information outlined above, under the first bullet.

For all outpatient (non-emergent) CT, PET, MRI, MRA, Nuclear Stress and Echo Stress studies you will continue to use eviCore healthcare to request prior authorization. View the Premier Health Plan Implementation Resources website.

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