Current Events for Providers

Premier Health Group is committed to keeping providers informed with the latest developments in the network. Whether it’s a change on the horizon, updates on current initiatives, or important announcements, you can find it here.  

D-SNP Attestation Survey

A paper-based self-learning packet that requires faxing an Attestation Form when complete. Upon receipt of the Attestation Form, the CME certificate will be sent via email.
DSNP Training
Post-test Form 

If you have any questions about this great opportunity to earn 1.75 CME credits, please contact (937) 499-7441(937) 499-7441

Provider News

Provider Services Call Center

We continue to make improvements to our Provider Services Call Center and address any issues that may arise.  When you call the Provider Services line, make note of the time of your call, the reference number and the name of the person you spoke to. If there is an issue that needs additional investigation, the Provider Services team is available to assist in identifying problems in workflow and correct them, but cannot do that without specifics. Provider Services records all calls so we can better assure quality and results.

Testosterone Pre-Authorization

Don’t forget that pre-authorization is always required for testosterone. It is available through a member’s medical and pharmacy benefit. Recently, there have been higher percentages of denials due to lack of testosterone pre-authorizations.