Why Premier Health?

Premier Health Plan has a vested interest in providing members with the best service. The doctors and nurses who created Premier Health Plan live and work here in southwest Ohio. 

We Are a Local Business 

As concerned community members and trusted advisors, Premier Health Plan’s leaders are invested in the strength of local businesses and concerned about their financial well-being, vitality and opportunities for growth and success. 

By integrating the health system and health plan, we create meaningful differentiation that feels tangible to health plan members. 

What an Integrated Health Plan Means for Businesses

  • A new model of care, making access easier for patients through a personal care team led by a high-performing physician network.
  • A different approach to stratifying and engaging high-risk patients through care-advising services led by physicians.
  • Physician leaders who own quality standards and hold themselves accountable to evidence-based medicine. This commitment to low variation and reliability lowers costs and improves quality.
  • Improved communication, coordination and efficiency by linking Premier Health’s investment in technology and electronic health records.
  • Flexible plan designs that promote employee engagement, cost sharing and cost savings.

We are committed to helping you improve your employees’ health while also reducing healthcare costs.