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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions from brokers and consultants.

How do I become an appointed broker or consultant?

Apply online by submitting your information. We will send you additional information about our appointment process for either our commercial or our individual Medicare products.

  • Commercial brokers: Once we receive your online inquiry, we will provide an appointment packet which includes all the necessary paperwork needed to start the process.
  • Medicare brokers: If you are interested in marketing our Medicare Advantage or Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan (DSNP), we will provide a list of our authorized Field Marketing Organizations (FMO) who will assist you through the appointment process and the training requirements.

Remember, only appointed brokers and consultants are authorized to solicit, represent or sell Premier Health Plan products.

With whom can I follow-up regarding my application to become a broker or consultant?

Commercial brokers, please contact Broker Operations at (937) 738-5772(937) 738-5772.  Medicare brokers should contact their FMO directly.

Does Premier Health Plan contract directly with brokers?

Yes. Premier Health Plan contracts directly with brokers for commercial products. For Medicare Advantage and DSNP, agents must work through one of our authorized FMOs.

Where should I send commercial Broker of Record (BOR) letters for processing?

Please fax BORs to Broker Operations at (703) 842-8355(703) 842-8355 or mail to:

Broker Operations
P.O. Box 3058
Arlington, VA 22203 

If I miss the training for Medicare Advantage and DSNP, what can I do to become trained and certified?

Leading up to the Annual Election Period (AEP), we will be hosting educational seminars across our service area. We encourage all brokers to attend. In the event you cannot attend in person, contact your FMO to learn more about our online training and testing option.

If I miss the training for commercial products, what can I do to become trained and approved?

Periodic follow-up training for newly appointed brokers or consultants who may have missed previously scheduled training will occur throughout the year.

As part of Medicare Advantage annual training and certification, does Premier Health Plan sponsor certification through America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)?

Premier Health Plan does not currently facilitate AHIP certifications, but it will accept any qualified AHIP or Gorman certification programs from other sources. Your FMO can provide more details.

Does Premier Health Plan pay the state required licensing fee on my behalf?

Yes. Premier Health Plan will cover the costs associated with state appointment.

How can I request a 1099 Schedule A?

Please contact your account executive or account manager to request a 1099 Schedule A.

How can I learn more about Premier Health Plan and its mission of improving health in the community?

Contact your BRM, account manager or account executive who will gladly provide more information about the mission of Premier Health Plan. Additionally, any Premier Health Plan employee will also be able to share information about our mission.

If I need marketing supplies, who should I contact?

For marketing supplies, contact your FMO/GA, BRM for Medicare Advantage or DSNP products. Contact your account manager or account executive for commercial offerings.

Will Premier Health Plan make resources available to me for presentations?

Your account manager and account executive will be available to help present our commercial offerings.

Does Premier Health Plan work with general agents (GAs)?

Yes. Premier Health Plan works with GAs who manage a network of brokers and consultants.

How are GAs compensated?

Premier Health Plan pays overrides to GAs for providing certain services.

If I don't specialize in health insurance, can I use a GA to assist me?

Yes. Working with a GA can be the most efficient and effective way to deliver quality service to your healthcare clients.

Can I write directly with the Premier Health Plan if I don't want to use a GA?

You can write directly with the Premier Health Plan for commercial products.

Will brokers and consultants be compensated?

If a broker or consultant places business with the Premier Health Plan, commissions will be paid to the broker or consultant based upon our standard commission schedules. In some cases, commercial clients may also enter into a single case agreement. Only appointed brokers and consultants are authorized to solicit, represent or sell Premier Health Plan products.

How are commissions paid?

Commercial commissions are paid based upon commissionable premiums received from the client. We pay the maximum CMS allowance for Medicare Advantage commissions and payments are based upon enrollment effective date.

When are commissions paid?

Commissions are paid on a monthly basis.

Whom should I contact if my commission check is incorrect?

For commercial brokers, please contact our Broker Operations Department at (937) 738-5772(937) 738-5772. Medicare brokers should contact their FMO.

What bonus structure will Premier Health Plan provide?

Premier Health Plan may periodically implement bonus programs for commercial products to reward brokers or consultants for placing or renewing business.

Does Premier Health Plan offer opportunities for consulting fee-based brokers or consultants?

Yes. Premier Health Plan will accommodate commercial group clients who prefer to pay brokers or consultants directly. These cases are non-commissionable and will not be included for any bonus calculations but will count toward bonus qualification.

Does Premier Health Plan offer non-monetary rewards?

Yes. For commercial business, Premier Health Plan may reward brokers and consultants with non-cash programs such as education training sessions, meetings with plan leadership or other incentives.

What determines the compensation reporting requirements of Premier Health Plan? What information is reported to clients?

In compliance of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), Premier Health Plan supports required reporting of compensation paid to brokers and consultants by employers.

Premier Health Plan will report any and all forms of broker compensation including, but not limited to, commissions, bonuses or other incentives including non-monetary incentives.

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