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Why Premier Health?

By linking Premier Health’s healthcare services with the new Premier Health Plan, we create a new, regional way of thinking about health care and the role of health plans in our communities. Premier Health Plan believes a prepared, proactive and trusted physician care team creates an informed, engaged patient.

That’s why our population health model focuses on:

  • Expanding and better supporting the relationship between doctors and patients.
  • Providing doctors with more resources so they can enhance the focus on clinical activities that have the most impact on patients.
  • Moving away from a 9 to 5, ‘doctor’s appointment’ world, making access to care easier for the patient with the support of a team of healthcare professional.
  • The support provided by Care Advisors – ensuring a coordinated patient experience.
  • Using technology to provide actionable information. This information will allow care providers to identify members managing a difficult health condition and provide a coordinated, personal approach to health—ensuring the right care at the right time.

By integrating the health system and health plan, Premier Health Plan creates a meaningful differentiation that feels tangible to health plan members. We believe enhanced care quality and improved financial performance are best achieved through provider-led, clinician-driven transformation.

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