Become a Broker or Consultant

Licensing Requirements and Training

We are excited to partner with brokers and consultants who understand and promote the value of a provider-led health plan. We are committed to our mission of improving the health of our communities. We will accomplish this by providing a more coordinated, simple healthcare experience for your clients by offering comprehensive, flexible, cost-effective healthcare coverage solutions.

As part of our contracting requirements, we ask that you review, complete and return the following items:

  • Agent Application: Complete, sign and date.
  • Broker Agreement: Execute the Broker Agreement as well as the Business Associate Agreement (Exhibit B).
  • W-9: Be sure the TIN or Social Security number provided is accurate based upon the individual or entity to whom commission payments will be payable (e.g. individual vs. agency).
  • Errors and Omissions (E&O): Return the above documents and include a proof of current E&O coverage.  
  • State Licensure: Include a copy of your Ohio Agent/Agency Accident and Health license.

Along with your appointment packet, we will include detailed instructions about the appointment process including information on how to submit your completed paperwork.

Medicare Product Training

To complete your 2015 Medicare broker product training for Premier Health Plan, please complete the registration form below:

We look forward to working with you.